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Spiritual Life Coaching

Whether you are looking to make changes in your career, personal relationships or have simply lost your mojo, the coaching process is a living breathing one. We can get stuck in what is seemingly “the problem” when in stepping back and looking at the whole picture, we can see that often we intuitively have the answers we need. If something is feeling uncomfortable, it is coming up as an opportunity to be healed and I aim to guide you towards deeper insights into any limiting beliefs and inspire you to create new positive choices.

There are times in our lives where it can feel as though we can’t see a way forward and don’t feel as though we have many choices. All of my work is underpinned by my belief in your own natural wisdom and intuition and tuning into the feeling, rather than the thought.

We see the world not as it is, we see it as we are.

During coaching we focus on where you are now and where you want to be. I encourage and support you in clarifying any thoughts or feelings that may be preventing you from moving forward, releasing the “shoulds” and the “buts” offering a gently structured proactive programme.

George Pransky describes our thinking process beautifully . . .

Our wisdom is always playing like a soft flute in the background; the rest of our thinking is like a brass band. When the brass band is playing we can’t hear the soft flute. As soon as the band in our mind stops even for a second, the flute-wisdom can be heard, because it never stopped playing in the first place.

Spiritual Life Coaching

£40 per hour, pro rata

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I have been doing sessions with Jaine for the last three months.

Jaine has helped me to heal scars from my past, put clarity into decisions and develop a route map to achieving my goals.

Jaine is a wonderful listener and guide who radiates calm and is able to create a special connection with people. I would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking emotional support and career development. S P, Brighton

Photography by Mark Kingston

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