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Soul Healing

This is a unique and gentle process which has evolved over a period of years as a result of the different strands of learning and training I have undertaken.

It is based on Journey Therapy (Brandon Bays) combining this with NLP, spiritual intuition and Reiki healing.

We identify the issue for healing, be it a physical or emotional one and then I gently guide you to a space and time where this was first set up. Through a process of communication and healing, we are able to release deep seated patterns which no longer serve us. Please contact me if you wish to know more about what can be a deeply transformational and healing process.

Who would you be if no-one told you who you are?”


Soul Healing

£40 per hour, pro rata

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I have had a catalystic shift and some very significant conversations which, thanks to you, I have had the courage to engage in. I cannot thankyou enough for your wisom and guidance.
L F, Sussex

Photography by Mark Kingston

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