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About me

Actually I want this to be about you; and I want you to be confident that you are in safe and experienced hands working with me.

So this is me without a lot of fluffy stuff… after all, life isn’t like that, is it?

I have been actively learning and practising healing and coaching for over twenty years.

I have been married, divorced, raised four children by myself, had a serious illness, have experience of domestic violence, been assaulted by a stranger, had money, not had money, worked with children, young people, parents, emergency service people, professional people, and not so professional people; which includes those who have gone way off the rails morally and otherwise.. I have learned so much from these experiences and am now in a happier place professionally and personally than I have ever been.

My work has supported people through personal and employment decision making, bereavement, relationship difficulties, raising confidence, removing fears, and working with victims of emotional and physical abuse. I have worked with many many people on a one to one basis and in specially created workshops within professional organisations.

My Reiki learning journey began in 2002 completing with gaining mastery in 2009.  I am also a Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, gained a Diploma in Life Coaching (training under renowned coach Curly Martin) achieved a Vibrational Healing Diploma and a Mental Health Awareness NVQ. In 2017 I became a qualified Theta Healing Practitioner.

I believe our bodies and minds intuitively know what we need to heal and that every physical manifestation of Dis-ease has an underlying emotional trigger. Once we can release these “stuck” or disowned feelings, we can free ourselves of the issues. We will look at all of you, not just the presenting situation.

My aim is to assist you in reaching your highest potential in a supportive way which is insightful, and personal to you.

My practice is based in Worthing Sussex.



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Jaine Honeywell

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